Bangladesh offers condolences at death of Win Rozario, calls for proper investigation into US police shooting

The 19-year-old Bangladeshi national had been suffering from mental health issues and was shot down in his home

Published : 30 March 2024, 08:05 AM
Updated : 30 March 2024, 08:05 AM

Foreign Minister Hasan Mahmud says that Bangladesh has expressed its condolences at the death of 19-year-old Win Rozario, a Bangladeshi national shot down by US police at his home in New York, and hopes those responsible will be brought to justice after a proper investigation.

“Recently, a Bangladeshi youth was killed in a shooting by US police in New York,” Mahmud said in response to a question from the media at the Awami League central offices in Dhaka on Saturday.

“It is an extremely sad incident. Our consul general has met with his family. The family says the police did not have to shoot him in that situation. The police give a different account. The youth was shot six times. It is an extremely sad incident.”

“We hope the New York administration will investigate this incident properly. If anyone is found to have overreacted and if anyone is found guilty, action should be taken against them. The family moved to New York 10 years ago. All of them have Bangladeshi passports. They have applied for green cards, but have not received them yet.”

“The US is our close ally,” the foreign minister said. “Recently, through a letter from US President Joe Biden and the response from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, we are working on the goal of taking that closeness, friendship and our relations to a higher level.”

The foreign minister also expressed his hope that the ships and sailors taken hostage by Somali pirates can be rescued soon.

“There have been communications with the Somali pirates who hijacked a ship. Negotiations are ongoing with them,” he said.

“Through negotiations we hope to free our citizens soon and recover the ship as well. Our sailors are all well. They are staying in their cabins. They are not having trouble getting food. They have not suffered mistreatment so far.”

Regarding another incident, Mahmud said, “Three military officials from Myanmar have fled to Bangladesh. They are in the custody of our BGB. Myanmar has already proposed the return of the 177 fleeing members of the BGP by the sea route. We hope to send them back by sea very soon.”