PM inaugurates Dhaka-Narayanganj DEMU train

A new and comparatively faster train service has been launched on the Dhaka-Narayanganj route on Wednesday.

Published : 24 April 2013, 06:55 AM
Updated : 24 April 2013, 06:55 AM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the Diesel Multiple Unit Engine (DEMU) train in Kamalapur Rail Station.

The Prime Minister alleged that the opposition has been resorting to ‘sabotage of the country’s rail network’ under the guise of general strikes.
Shiekh Hasina was referring to the several incidents of attack and ‘sabotage’ on the country’s railway network recently.

She said a huge fatality was prevented in Comilla due to the alertness of the driver, “the fishplates were removed to kill at least a thousand people”.

She thanked the members of the railways for their active roles in preventing the huge loss of life.

She directed Home Minister Muhiddin Khan Alamgir to take measures against those who have been removing fishplates and committing arson attacks.

She asked the railway officials and the ordinary people to remain vigilant, “We are giving what we can. People must be responsible in the preservation of these assets. The watchmen must take responsibility.”

She criticized the opposition for their political programmes saying, “Their movement is aimed at causing deaths. They are killing people like Pakistanis once did.”

“They are bashing sculls with bricks in order to kill. How disgusting is their mind set”, the Prime Minister asked taking a dig at the opposition.
“You are calling strikes. It is your right. But what about those who must work every day to stay afloat – what are they getting? Produced goods cannot reach the market.”
“The call their strikes and sit in air-conditioned rooms to watch movies and munch chicken legs”.
Sheikh Hasina said the opposition is taking part in acts of destruction with an aim to stop the war crimes trial.
“We are not catching war criminals and shooting them. They are being tried in court,” she added.