'Papercable' ushers in a new era of digital PR in Bangladesh

The platform aims to assist brands, agencies, and online publishers in streamlining the digital PR process

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Published : 8 Feb 2024, 09:48 AM
Updated : 8 Feb 2024, 09:48 AM

‘Papercable’ has embarked on its journey as the first digital PR platform in Bangladesh, with the aim of revolutionising the industry with data-driven insights and real-time analytics.

The platform is designed to help brands, agencies, and online publishers simplify the digital PR process, the agency said in a statement.

Papercable Digital PR will enable brands and agencies to base their PR decisions on solid data, removing the guesswork.

It will offer critical metrics such as reader numbers, total readership, and insights on the best times and places for PR activities, allowing for real-time adjustments to PR strategies and enhancing campaign effectiveness, the agency explained.

With a single click, Papercable ensures nationwide PR distribution, streamlining efforts and conserving resources. This efficiency frees brands and agencies from labour-intensive processes, while media outlets enjoy a more straightforward approach to PR, leading to potential revenue growth.

Imtiaz Ahmed, founder and CEO of 'A Maze Venture', the software company behind Papercable, said the platform's primary aim is to digitise the PR industry and move away from traditional methods.