Cash only !

Chief Whip ASM Feroz has made news by asking party activists to come up with cash rather than crests in a reception at his constituency.

Published : 8 Feb 2014, 06:35 PM
Updated : 8 Feb 2014, 06:35 PM

A video-clip of him urging for cash in megaphone during the function on Friday has gone viral on internet.

Speaking to on Saturday, Feroz said that he had asked for the money not for himself but for the party.

The video shows the Chief Whip receiving crests at the local Awami League organised reception at Patuakhali's Baufal Upazila on Friday.

"I will be at the party office from 9am to 3pm tomorrow (Saturday), if anyone wishes to give any present then don’t bring crest. Bring cash; cash," is what Feroz was seen saying in the video.

"Don't you understand, it takes a lot (of money) to participate in the elections. So, give cash, that'd be great. See you all tomorrow. I will not take any more crests today," he added.

The Chief Whip as well as those accompanying him were seen smiling at that time.
On the 'cash' issue, Feroz told that the local people had presented him with a lot of flowers and crests.
"I have told them, why are you spending so much money? Come to my office and donate cash for the party rather than spending it on flowers. Strengthen the party fund.
"I have told them, I won't be available here for a long time, come to my office. Some people are now spreading canard by harping on 'cash' and 'office', " he said.
Pointing out that he has been elected a lawmaker for six-times, the Chief Whip said: "How can I ask money for myself from the locals?"