Kate’s baby, Rony’s rant, Salman’s TV, Joy’s prediction…

Afsan Chowdhury
Published : 25 July 2013, 06:02 PM
Updated : 25 July 2013, 06:02 PM

It has been a good week for interesting news. First Kate delivered a royal baby which grabbed everyone's attention and gave pleasure. Then our very own MP Rony beat up two journos from Independent TV and Rony explained his position on the Facebook  in a way which reminded everyone of  Ananata Jalil's famous "You Pom Ghana" dialogue (Mixed Facebook reactions). Cases and counter cases followed the man famous for breaking the news on the Great Wall of China sprint of the Hasina Olympics. Finally, Joy announced the AL's victory in the next election wearing a cap.

What can we say, we love media life.

* * *

I didn't read about Kate but I understand the public's interest. They can relate to a pregnancy, no matter whose it is. In the West, most pregnancies are confusing because several people usually claim to be the father. What can we say, that's news too. But a child born in a marriage where the parenthood is certain is now even bigger news. Certainly bigger news than whether the UK should join the Euro Zone or not. Marriages and pregnancies of the celebrities are more significant than monetary policies, something media pundits never understood. That is why Humayun Ahmed is as significant as Khaleda Zia or Sheikh Hasina when it comes to his personal life. We are immensely curious if he married Shaon and ditched Gultekin though we have no idea why or what or whatever. We love giving birth and marriage and affairs and cheating and divorce and death. So congrats Kate and best wishes.

* * *

At the national level, Kate's position is being challenged by the news about MP Rony beating up Independent TV reporters. Apparently two journalists were visiting him for a crime story and of course, what could he do! He beat them up. Macho man Rony took care of things. Unfortunately, Independent TV belongs to Salman Rahman who is also an Advisor to the PM no less. And he sued Rony. So Rony sues everyone but while the media guys get bail, Rony may not. Why ? As Rony said, The party supports Salman. Why? Silly boy, you don't know the answer? Now Rony is behind bars.

* * *

Rony says, Salman went after him because he mentioned the share market crash for which Salman is generally blamed. And while both belonging to the same party? That's like cheating in a marriage. So while we liked the news, Salman didn't. So what is Salman supposed to do? Smile and take it? No. So Salman sends two reporters who gets beaten up by Rony. So what should Salman do now? Of course call the bigwigs and make sure that Rony gets the heat. Now he gets arrested. Wow!  This is far more interesting than Khaleda saying that she will boycott elections under Hasina. Excuse me, Khaleda Apa, we know that and this is no news at all.  Enough is enough with your dal-bhat threats.

Meanwhile, Rony decided to resign from his job but then withdrew and said he wanted the party to decide first. So what does the party do? Well, it seems the party wants him to go.  Not a good marriage it seems. Why doesn't the party likes such a popular MP? Why indeed. So while one gets called a 'patriot' the other goes to jail.

* * *

Everyone knows that Rony is famous for breaking the story on the famous sprint race that took place on the Great Wall of China and Abul Hossain won the race, did get the prize for coming first which was the ministership and consequently led the country to the Padma Bridge and everyone knows the rest. So the AL is unhappy that the way they choose ministers is now publicly known and if BNP ever comes to power they will select the cabinet the same way. So they want to get him for spilling the party secrets.

And that is indeed news.

Afsan Chowdhury is a journalist, activist and writer

Toufique Imrose Khalidi
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