First step to cashless Bangladesh
Several banks and mobile financial services have joined Bangladesh Bank’s campaign to establish a cashless society. In the first step, they distributed QR codes among vendors, from groceries to tea st ...
Dublar Char: An island where fishermen struggle alone
Dublar Char produces enough dried fish to meet 80% of Bangladesh’s demand. But working conditions there are tough and dangerous.
My friend was only 15 when she married
I asked her whether she ever felt like studying again or going to school with everyone else.
Dengue enshrouds almost all of Bangladesh as cases, deaths surge
Out of the 64 districts, no dengue patient has been hosptalised in Kurigram and Gaibandha so far this year
Tk 50-60 a day
Two young shopkeepers man a store built by their father in Nikli, Kishoreganj. They work from dusk till dawn to earn Tk 50-60 per day.
Working to pay for studies
"Sajjad, a third-grader at Nakhalpara Government Primary School, sets up shop in front of Ananda Cinema Hall everyday after school to sell his wares. He has to work from the end of his school day into ...
A countryside childhood
"Three kids playing in a paddy field in Kalihati, Tangail."
Plastics clog haor
"Heaps of plastic thrown away by tourists have piled up next to a haor in Kishoreganj. Farmers worry the waste is a threat to their crops. "
Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher