Five security guards injured in attack on Rampal thermal power plant

The attackers fled when screams from the guards alerted personnel from the nearby Ansar camp to investigate

Published : 4 April 2024, 06:37 AM
Updated : 4 April 2024, 06:37 AM

A member of the Bangladesh Ansar and four security guards have been injured after an attack on the Rampal thermal power plant in Bagerhat.

The attack occurred from 11pm to 11:30 pm on the gate of the residential building at the thermal power plant, according to Somen Das of the Rampal Police Station.

Two of the injured have been admitted to Khulna Medical College Hospital and three to the Rampal Upazila Health Complex.

Around 11:30am a group of men attempted to enter the residential building of the power plant, according to Anowarul Azim, deputy managing director of the Rampal station.

When they were stopped they joined together and attacked the security personnel at the gate. Personnel from the Ansar camp heard the screams of the security personnel and rushed to the scene. The criminals attacked them and ran away.

OC Das said police believe that gang members had come to steal various goods at the power plant and were blocked from doing so. Law enforcers are trying to identify the attackers, he said.