Fire at Gazipur tiles factory brought under control after 1.5 hours

Four firefighting units brought the fire under control after an hour and a half of effort

Published : 1 April 2024, 06:24 AM
Updated : 1 April 2024, 06:24 AM

A fire has burnt a tiles factory in Gazipur’s Sreepur Upazila.

The blaze broke out at the ‘Mir Ceramics' factory in Mulaid village of the Upazila’s Telihati Union around 11:30pm on Sunday.

No casualties were reported in the incident, said Sreepur Fire Service Station officer Md Belal Ahmed.

“The fire started on the finishing floor of the Mir Ceramics factory and immediately went out of control. Two units of the Sreepur Fire Service launched efforts to bring the flames under control after the incident was reported. Two more units from Rajendrapur Fire Service Station joined the emergency responders afterwards as the fire intensified.”

The blaze was brought under control around 1am on Monday after an hour and a half of effort by four firefighting units, Ahmed said.

The cause of the fire and the extent of the damage will be determined after an investigation, the Fire Service official added.