Facebook video poster among 43 detained over incitement and attacks on Hindu temples

Police say they have detained 43 people for inciting attacks and vandalising several Hindu temples in Cumilla and other parts of the Chattogram Range.

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Published : 14 Oct 2021, 08:16 AM
Updated : 14 Oct 2021, 09:07 AM

Anwar Hossain, DIG of the police’s Chattogram Range, confirmed the arrests during his visit to the puja venue in Cumilla’s Nanua Dighir Par area on Thursday.

Around 11 am, parliament whip Abu Sayeed Al Mahmood Swapon and DIG Anwar Hossain visited the site of vandalism.

The incident was part of a plan to incite tensions, the DIG said.

A Durga Puja idol is damaged in an attack on a temple in Gazipur after a social media storm about a temple in Cumilla allegedly besmirching the Quran.

The first video of the Nanua Diphir Par incident had an extremely inflammatory description, he said.

Police have detained Fayez, the initial poster of the video, and are questioning him for information. That information will be scrutinised.

So far, 43 people have been detained, DIG Anwar Hossain said. Police are on alert in those areas outside Cumilla that also saw violence and cases will be prepared over each incident.

The country is developing and one quarter is trying to sow instability, said parliamentary whip Abu Sayeed Al Mahmood Swapon during his visit to the scene.

It is clear this is part of a conspiracy, he said.

“Do not pay heed to this incitement. Those who cause such incidents will be brought before the law. Have faith in us,” he said in his appeal to citizens.

Following rumours surrounding the place of worship in Nanua Dighir Par, venues in the Kaligachtala area of Salahuddin Road and Kapuria Potti also came under attack.

A pall of fear and tension has descended on the city, drawing celebrations to a halt. Police and BGB are patrolling the area.

Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher