Bangladesh to provide free rice for 10m people in pandemic

The government has decided to give 10kg free rice to each poor family during the Eid-ul-Azha amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Published : 7 July 2020, 09:58 AM
Updated : 7 July 2020, 10:52 AM

Government aid will amount to 100,068 tonnes of rice for more than 10 million beneficiaries under a programme known as the Vulnerable Group Feeding.

The Disaster Management and Relief Ministry sent a letter to the director general of the Disaster Management Department providing the instructions on Tuesday.

A total of 87,792 tonnes of rice was allotted against 8,779,203 VGF card holders for distribution in 64 districts and 12,276 tonnes of rice for 1,227,666 card holders in 328 municipalities in three categories, according to the letter.

The letter instructed the deputy commissioners to collect the aid by Jul 28 and inform the MPs of their respective areas about the allotment.

The flood-affected people and marginalised people hit by other natural disasters would be prioritised for this aid.

The ministry set 12 conditions for the selection of people who would receive aid.

The government said that the list will be prepared and sanctioned by union or municipal VGF committees while the delivery of rice and expenditures will be carried by the government.

Authorities were also instructed to keep vigil that no more than one member of a family gets aid under VGF.