Roles played by convicts in the murder of madrasa student Nusrat

Nusrat Jahan Rafi, a madrasa student in Sonagazi in Feni, was murdered in a planned manner masterminded by the principal of the same madrasa, according to case details.

Published : 24 Oct 2019, 10:24 AM
Updated : 24 Oct 2019, 10:24 AM

All accused were loyal to SM Siraj-Ud-Doula, the madrasa principal. Siraj and his henchmen were furious after Nusrat brought allegations of sexual assaults against the principal.

Nusrat was an Aleem examinee when the incident occurred. On Apr 6, Nusrat was brought to the rooftop of the exam venue and was set on fire. She died on Apr 10 after fighting for life in a Dhaka hospital.

Nusrat’s brother Mahmudul Hasan Noman filed an attempted murder case, naming eight people and some unnamed others. The case turned into a murder case after Nusrat’s death.

On May 5, Police Bureau of Intelligence Inspector Shah Alam charged 16 people, including the eight named in the case dossier.

Trials opened on Jun 20. Women and Children’s Repression Prevention Tribunal Judge Mamunur Rashid handed down the verdict on Thursday following the testimonies of 87 among 92 witnesses.

Roles played by the convicts:

1. Principal Siraj-Ud-Doula: The man did not take part in the murder directly but orchestrated it. He gave specific instructions to the other convicts to put pressure on Nusrat to withdraw the sexual harassment case against him, then to threaten her and finally to kill her.

2. Nur Uddin: The principal’s close aide played a vital role in the murder. He was responsible for monitoring the entire situation before Nusrat was torched. He also watched the whole incident from the ground floor of the building when Nusrat was set on fire.

3. Shahadat Hossain Shamim: Shamim was angry with Nusrat after she spurned a romantic proposition. Shamim assigned roles to different persons in the murder. He managed to buy a burqa (veil) and kerosene taking Tk 10,000 from councillor Maksud. He gagged Nusrat’s mouth with his hand when she was torched. PBI recovered the burqa and the glass used to pour kerosene following his confession.

4. Councillor Maksud Alam: Local Awami League leader Maksud took part in the human chain held on Mar 28 demanding the release of the disgraced principal. Maksud was aware of the entire incident from the beginning and provided Tk 10,000 for the burqa and kerosene.

5. Saifur Rahman Mohammad Zobair: The man is accused of taking part in the murder directly, wearing a burqa and gloves. He tore Nusrat’s scarf and tied her hands and legs with it; he lighted the match-stick after pouring kerosene on Nusrat.

6. Shakhawat Hossain Jabed: Jabed is accused of directly participating in the murder wearing a burqa. He also poured kerosene on Nusrat after her legs were tied and went to the examination hall taking off the burqa when everything was done.

7. Hafez Abdul Kader: Kader, a friend of Nusrat’s brother Noman, was in charge of guarding the main entrance of the madrasa on that day. He was the one who called Noman saying Nusrat attempted commit suicide, two minutes after they torched her.

8. Absar Uddin: He was in charge of guarding the gate. He pressured Nusrat to withdraw the case against Siraj.

9. Kamrun Nahar Moni: Moni, a distant relative of Shamim, bought a burqa and a pair of gloves for Tk 2,000. She is accused of taking part in the murder directly. Moni pushed Nusrat and pressed her to the floor. She sat for the Aleem exam after Nusrat was torched.

10. Umme Sultana Poppy: On the day of the murder, Poppy, a niece of principal Siraj, tricked Nusrat to the rooftop and pressured her to withdraw the case against Siraj. Poppy tied Nusrat’s hands with her scarf when she refused to withdraw the case and held her legs.

11. Abdur Rahim Sharif: He guarded the main entrance of the madrasa during the incident. Later, he tried to portray the murder as an act of suicide.

12. Iftekhar Uddin Rana: He was at the main entrance of the madrasa.

13. Imran Hossain Mamun: He was on guard beside the main entrance of the madrasa.

14. Mohammad Shamim: Shamim guarded the stairs of the cyclone centre to make sure no-one goes to the rooftop.

15. Ruhul Amin: Ruhul Amin, vice-president of the madrasa governing body and an Awami League leader, was involved in masterminding the murder.

16. Mohiuddin Shakil: He was on guard on the stairs of the cyclone centre during the murder.