Child marriage is more prevalent in Bangladesh: Advocate Hasnain Khorshed

"As lawyers, we work on various social issues. We have laws to restrain child marriage and there are ways for people to file cases."

Sumaiya Islam MarjiaSumaiya Islam Marjia
Published : 11 Feb 2023, 01:01 PM
Updated : 11 Feb 2023, 01:01 PM

Hello: How are you?

Alhamdulillah, I am fine.

Hello: What does your professional work entail?

I am Advocate Hasnain Khorshed and I work on women and children’s issues. I am also the president of the Bangabandhu Parishad and a district representative.

Hello: What are your views on child marriage?

Compared to other countries, child marriage is more prevalent in Bangladesh. I believe, poverty is one of the reasons for child marriage. Children can’t study as they are unable to pay their school fees. They have difficulty affording nutritious food, or clothes. Hence, a lot of parents marry off their daughters.

Hello: Do you think religion plays a role in young girls getting married early in our society?

There are religious traditions in our country that push people to marry early. Be it Hinduism or Islam. Child marriage has increased due to these traditions.

Hello: How do you think children are affected due to child marriage in Bangladesh?

Child marriage affects both girls and boys. Their education, health and growth is hampered. Under-18 mothers are the one who are most at risk.

They get pregnant too early and once they give birth, they often suffer due to lack of nutrition which causes their health to deteriorate faster later in life. 

Besides, it also has some impact on the economy.

Hello: How are cases of child marriage handled in courts these days?

As lawyers, we work on various social issues. We have laws to restrain child marriage and there are ways for people to file cases. However, child marriage cases in physical courts have decreased due to an increase in the number of mobile courts. 

Executive officers handle these cases at mobile courts and give their verdicts. Local council chairmen also play a role here. And since the punishment for child marriage is bailable, most cases are shifted to mobile courts.

Hello: How can we prevent child marriage?
I will only emphasise one thing - awareness. We have to raise awareness against child marriage in all parts of society.

We also have to increase the literacy rate so that children are more educated. Especially young girls so that they are more aware of the situation. Only then will we  be able to reduce the rate of child marriage. 

Hello: Thank you for your time.

Thank you.