Hello holds follow-up workshop on child journalism in Rangpur
The workshop included interactive sessions on the ethical guidelines, and standard procedures for writing articles and reports on concurrent issues.
Child marriage is more prevalent in Bangladesh: Advocate Hasnain Khorshed
"As lawyers, we work on various social issues. We have laws to restrain child marriage and there are ways for people to file cases."
Teenage fishermen
Drenched in cold water, two teenage fishermen go about their day's work at sundown. They have chosen their father's profession to provide for their family. The photo was taken from Dalia Point in Lal ...
Is the winter bearable for everyone?
Who doesn't like the winter? Many people wait for the season all year. But have we considered whether winter is bearable for everyone?
Selling ice cream to survive
"I make Tk 400-500 a day. I pay most of it to the ice cream supplier. I take home about Tk 200-250"
4 Hello journalists nominated for Children’s Nobel
International children's aid and advocacy organisation, Kids Rights Foundation, has nominated child journalists Afrida Jahin, Awsaf Rahman, Redwan Ahmed, and Priyanka Bhadra of Hello for this year's I ...
Childhood in a tea garden
A child plays with a discarded tire in Sylhet's Lakkatura tea estate.
Tk 50-60 a day
Two young shopkeepers man a store built by their father in Nikli, Kishoreganj. They work from dusk till dawn to earn Tk 50-60 per day.