Coronavirus will leave Bangladesh by itself, says health minister

Health Minister Zahid Maleque believes the novel coronavirus will “leave Bangladesh by itself”.

Published : 15 August 2020, 04:25 PM
Updated : 15 August 2020, 04:25 PM

He argues that that infections and deaths have dropped despite a full-fledged resumption of work in the country.“I don’t know whether a vaccine will be necessary at all,” Maleque said at a discussion at Bangladesh College of Physicians and Surgeons in Dhaka’s Mohakhali on Saturday.

“People don’t need to come to hospitals as they get treatment at home now. This is why the hospitals have fewer patients. We are happy that infection and death rates have dropped in the country.”

The government, however, has communicated with the countries that have developed potential COVID-19 vaccines, according to Maleque. He is scheduled to discuss the progress in securing vaccines with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday. 

The health ministry has benefited from Hasina’s “wise instructions” at a time when the entire world is struggling to contain the virus, Maleque said.

The coronavirus is “on its way out of the country” thanks to the doctors, nurses and medical technologists who worked relentlessly on instructions from the health ministry, he said.

“The country is returning to normal without a vaccine. Normal daily life has helped the economy keep rolling. The country is moving forward.”  

“All these have been possible for the prime minister’s timely and brave decisions. The prime minister has been successful everywhere because she followed the ideals of her father,” Maleque said at the discussion marking National Mourning Day.

Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher