Mindspace holds group counselling session for better understanding of mental health

The form of counselling is rarely practised in Bangladesh, but efforts are underway to make it part of mainstream treatment

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Published : 31 July 2023, 01:50 PM
Updated : 31 July 2023, 01:50 PM

Mindspace has organised a group counselling session to promote the practice in Bangladesh.

The youth-led mental health organisation held the session, titled ‘Mending Minds Together by Mindspace and EMK Center’ on emotional dependency and conflict resolution at the EMK Centre on Jun 25, 2023.

“Group counselling sessions aim to help people manage mental health conditions or cope with negative experiences and behaviours,” Mindspace said in a press release issued on Sunday. “Such a form of counselling session is not seen to be in practise in Bangladesh as much, but initiatives have been seen from different mental health organisations towards integrating it into the mainstream form of counselling recently."

The session consisted of two separate, but simultaneous discussions – ‘Emotional Dependency’ led by psychologist Sumaia Azmi and ‘Conflict Resolution in Romantic Relationships led by Dr Zakiul Abrar.

The attendees were given a safe space to share and learn about experiences and thoughts regarding different aspects of the two issues and get a primary idea of how to deal with them, the press release said.

The privacy of each attendee was ensured, Mindspace said.

"I was not aware of the fact that I could be so vulnerable in front of a group of strangers and yet feel so safe,” one attendee said. “Group sessions are truly helpful, and I hope that I can attend more such sessions in the future."

“We can learn so much from others and grow together," another attendee said.