10 kidnapping victims rescued in Teknaf, but culprits elude police

The victims were abducted from different parts of Whykong Union

Cox's Bazar Correspondentbdnews24.com
Published : 28 March 2024, 08:19 AM
Updated : 28 March 2024, 08:19 AM

Police have rescued 10 people who were abducted from parts of in Cox’s Bazar's Teknaf.

The kidnappers have not yet been apprehended, but police are continuing their efforts to capture them.

The victims were rescued around 12:30 am on Thursday after a six-hour raid in the hills of Teknaf’s Jahajpura, according to Muhammed Osman Gani, chief of Teknaf Model Police Station.

"After pinpointing the kidnappers' location using technology, a 50-strong police team from Whykong and Baharchhara Police Outposts, joined by RAB members, raided the Jahajpura hill," he said.

During the operation, law enforcers encircled the hill, prompting the kidnappers to flee and leave behind the 10 people they had kidnapped. Police then rescued the victims and pressed on with the search for the kidnappers.

However, a voice recording circulated on social media suggesting that the kidnapped individuals were released after ransoms were paid.

Osman Gani clarified that the police conducted a rescue operation without any knowledge of ransom payments, and that the rescued individuals were unharmed.

He noted that families often do not inform the police about ransom payments. Gani also highlighted the challenge police face when families do not share information or file written complaints, despite repeated requests.

The rescued individuals were taken to the Teknaf Upazila Health Complex for first aid.

According to their families and local officials, all 10 were kidnapped from Whykong Union in Teknaf on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The criminals kidnapped six people near Rohingya Camp No. 12 in Unchiprang on Wednesday, and two each from Putibunia and Combonia hilly areas on Tuesday, according to Whoyaikang Union Council Chairman Nur Ahmad Anowari.

The victims were identified as Shakil Mia, 15, Junaid, 13, Saiful, 14, Farid, 35, Sona Mia, 24, Gura Puitya, 32, Syed Hossain Babul, 33, Fazal Kader, 47, Oli Ahmed, 32, and Nur Mohammad, 17.

The kidnappers reportedly demanded ransoms for the release of those abducted from Unchiprang and Combonia, but it remains unclear whether a payment was sought for those taken from Putibunia.