Businessman Nasir Mahmood denies trying to rape, murder actress Pori Moni

Real estate businessman Nasir Uddin Mahmood has denied the charges brought by film actress Pori Moni of attempted rape and murder at Dhaka Boat Club.

Published : 14 June 2021, 02:15 PM
Updated : 14 June 2021, 02:15 PM

In a case started at Savar Police Station on Monday, Pori Moni said she had come under attack by Nasir during a visit to the club in Birulia near Uttara on the bank of the Turag river on Jun 8.

She said Nasir had forced her to drink liquor and tried to rape her at the time. People at the club also assaulted her  

During his arrest in Uttara along with four others, including Pori Moni’s friend Omi, who was identified with one name, Nasir alleged the actress and the people accompanying her were drunk, behaving roughly and assaulted him when he had tried to stop them.   

“The allegations against me are completely false,” he said.

“They were trying to take the expensive drinks, but they were not members of the club. I stopped them and told them they could not take the drinks because these are not for sale.

“She (Pori Moni) became agitated and started swearing at me. The staffers tried to stop her at that time.  

“The boys with him slapped me. She hit me with a glass in the neck. Then the security personnel took them away on my orders,” said Nasir, who identified himself as a director of the club.

The police seized several bottles of liquor during the arrest.

Bakhtiar Ahmed Khan, an executive member of the club, said they had heard of an incident on that night, but it was not given much importance as no one had filed a complaint. 

Film actress Pori Moni alleged at a media briefing at her Gulshan home on Sunday night, Jun 13, 2021 that a businessman tried to rape and murder her. Photo: Asif Mahmud Ove

The club, headed by Inspector General of Police Benazir Ahmed, would investigate the incident now following media reports, he said.

“The person who took the guests to the bar is responsible for their security because the bar is off limits to the security personnel. They (security personnel) are not supposed to know what happens inside.”

The club has a licence to operate the bar on a limited scale for authorised members only, according to Bakhtiar.

Nasir would face action in line with the club’s charter, he added.

Nasir, however, said the staffers filed a written report on the incident a day later following the rules.

Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher