Forecast says mild cold waves likely in February

One to two mild cold waves are expected in the north, west, and north-west districts in the first half of the month

Published : 1 Feb 2024, 05:26 PM
Updated : 1 Feb 2024, 05:26 PM

Bangladesh’s north, west, and northwestern districts are likely to experience one to two mild cold waves in the first half of February.

However, day and night temperatures will slowly start to climb, according to a long-term forecast by the Bangladesh Meteorological Department released on Thursday.

The BMD classifies a temperature below 6 degrees Celsius over large areas as a severe cold wave. Temperatures ranging from 6 to 8 degrees Celsius are considered a moderate cold wave, while those between 8 to 10 degrees Celsius are classified as a mild cold wave.

Bangladesh experienced mild to moderate cold waves in three stages throughout January. On Jan 28, Tetulia recorded the lowest temperature of the winter at 5 degrees Celsius.

The BMD says the highest temperature in January was 2 degrees Celsius lower than normal, but the lowest temperature was standard. However, the average temperature throughout the month was also 1 degree Celsius lower than normal.

The forecast says that regular rain is expected throughout the month. There is no likelihood of a cyclone or even a low-pressure system. Day and night temperatures are expected to rise steadily. Near the end of the month, some parts of the country may experience thunderstorms.

The 24-hour forecast from 9 am on Thursday says parts of the Khulna, Barishal, Chattogram, and Sylhet divisions and one or two areas of the Rajshahi, Dhaka, and Mymensingh Divisions may experience light to moderate rain.

The heavy fog may temporarily disrupt inland water transport.

The night temperature may rise slightly, but the day temperature will remain unchanged.