Takir Hossain

Takir Hossain is a journalist and art critic.
Takir Hossain
Mustaque’s artistic endeavours and other qualities
Mustaque paints from his heart, and his mode of expression is pure, cerebrally sound. His manipulation of forms and cognizant brush strokes create a natural and contrived language
Arousing, with colourful abstractions
Painter Maksuda Iqbal Nipa enjoys the freedom to identify herself with her working styles that are apparently synchronised and technically phenomenal
The amalgamation of surrealistic metaphors with intricacies of human life
Kamruzzaman Sagar’s artworks give us a contemplative glimpse into our power of imagination
An exhibition to get some food for thought
The group art exposition was inaugurated on Jun 2 and will continue till Jun 17
Aloptogin Tushar’s masterful representation of figures
Realism is Tushar’s forte. For a long time, it has been clearly observed that his calm and deeply meditative landscape alludes to harmony in nature
A tribute to sculptor Syed Abdullah Khalid
Creator of Aparajeyo Bangla – the symbol of our identity and sovereignty
The art of making remarkable memories
Mustaque Ahmed intimately scrutinises the country’s transforming socio-political and economic conditions
Celebrating the splendour of the surrounding
Steadfast may be the term more appropriate in denoting Tajuddin Ahmed’s stylistic approach to preserve the personal hallmark of his works.