US may recognise independent Palestinian state: Ambassador Ramadan

He says Secretary of State Antony Blinken has asked Palestine to get its paperwork in order for recognition

Published : 1 Feb 2024, 03:35 PM
Updated : 1 Feb 2024, 03:35 PM

Palestinian Ambassador to Bangladesh Yousef SY Ramadan is hopeful that the US will follow the UK’s lead in considering the recognition of an independent Palestinian state.

The envoy also hailed the decision of the UN International Court of Justice (ICJ) to stop the massacre in Gaza, describing it as the ‘first step’ to a free Palestine.

Ramadan made the statements at a talk organised by the Diplomatic Correspondents Association, Bangladesh (DCAB) at the Jatiya Press Club on Thursday.

The Palestinian ambassador applauded the UK’s talk of recognising a Palestinian state, saying that it should have been done earlier. He added that he had heard the US was also preparing to take a similar step.

On Jan 31, UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron suggested the country is ready to bring forward the time it formally recognises a Palestinian state.

The Palestinian people have to be shown ‘irreversible progress’ towards a two-state solution, he said.

"As that happens, we - with allies - will look at the issue of recognising a Palestinian state, including at the United Nations," he told the Conservative Middle East Council.

"That could be one of the things that helps to make this process irreversible."

Ramadan described the decision as a good move.

“If the UK had real morals, they would be the first to recognise a Palestinian state.”

“Because, as we all know, there’s a UK policy at the root of the problems we’re going through now and the misery we live through. But the morality isn’t there. Still, it is a very good step.”

The envoy suggested the US was ready to take the same step.

"US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has also asked Palestine to prepare documents on recognition."

“I want to say that we have to pay the price because nothing comes free. We are currently paying that price.”

The US has yet to announce such a step.

Ramadan said that US President Joe Biden had not taken any steps regarding the state of Palestine that he had promised during his election campaign three years ago.

“If he had started the hard work that he is doing now three years ago, Oct 7 would not have happened. If the international community had really worked on the Palestinian issue, Oct 7 would not have happened. Because of this, their hands are stained with blood.”