Bangladesh’s inflation slows to 9.5% in November

Food inflation remains above 10 percent despite falling vegetable prices before winter

Published : 4 Dec 2023, 07:26 PM
Updated : 4 Dec 2023, 07:26 PM

Bangladesh’s Consumer Price Index has slowed to around 9.5 percent in November, but food inflation has remained high despite falling vegetable prices before winter.

Food inflation fell to 10.76 percent last month from 12.56 percent in October, according to data released by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics on Monday.

Non-food inflation also fell to 8.16 percent from 8.3 percent.

The key index was 9.62 percent in rural areas in November, compared to nearly 10 percent in October.

Inflation in the urban areas fell from 9.72 percent to 9.16 percent.

Amid soaring prices, general inflation hit an 11-year high of 9.94 percent in May and continued to be a headache for the policymakers.

The Bangladesh Bank recently made borrowings for banks and their clients more expensive in a bid to control inflation by reining in the flow of money.  

Prices of some products, such as egg, chicken and beef  also fell in November as winter vegetables started to hit the markets.