Dhaka University journalism teacher accused of sexually harassing student

A female student of the department lodges a written complaint with the proctor, but the professor alleges conspiracy in the entire episode

Dhaka University Correspondentbdnews24.com
Published : 10 Feb 2024, 09:42 PM
Updated : 10 Feb 2024, 09:42 PM

 A female student at Dhaka University's Department of Mass Communication and Journalism has accused Professor Naadir Junaid of sexually and mentally harassing her amid allegations that the teacher willfully lowered grade points of an entire batch.

The student lodged a written complaint with Proctor Prof Maksudur Rahman and submitted audio recordings and screenshots of messages on Saturday.

The proctor said the complaint will be forwarded to Vice-Chancellor Prof ASM Maksud Kamal on Sunday.

VC Maksud said he will take steps after formally receiving the complaint of sexual harassment.

He said a pro-VC was looking into the other allegation of willfully giving lower marks in a recent exam.

The complaint of sexual harassment details alleged instances of inappropriate behaviour, including suggestive comments, marriage proposals, and uncomfortable encounters.

The student expressed distress and mentioned resorting to sleeping pills because of the mental anguish caused by the alleged harassment.

Demanding a fair investigation and “exemplary”punishment, the student also indicated she may not pursue further studies at the university.

Speaking to bdnews24.com, Prof Naadir alleged conspiracy in the entire episode, questioning the timing of the complaint.

He said he was yet to be formally informed about the allegation of sexual harassment and mental torture.

“Why now, when there have been writings against me? The complaint [of sexual harassment] could have been filed much earlier.”

About the complaint of biases in marking, he said three other teachers were involved in the viva voce while another teacher also examined the answer sheets of written tests. “How could I alone lower the marks?”

He said he had given marks to other batches in the same way, but the complaint was filed at a time when he is set to become the chairman of the department in June.

In a demonstration against Prof Naadir on Saturday, the university unit of Students’ Union demanded a fair investigation into the allegation of sexual harassment.

They also demanded the revival of the Cell Against Sexual Harassment.