Singer Bangladesh embarks on new ‘Transform for Growth’ era

New initiatives include a manufacturing plant, a concept store, and a dedication to a workplace that represents the company’s new vision

Published : 23 March 2024, 09:18 AM
Updated : 23 March 2024, 09:18 AM

Singer Bangladesh has announced that it is entering a new era marked by the ‘Transform for Growth’ initiative that will see the launch of a manufacturing plant, a concept store, and dedication to a workplace that represents the company’s new vision.

The announcement was made at a press conference following a meeting with senior executives at the company and from Arçelik and Türkiye’s Koç Group, the parent companies of Singer Bangladesh, on Thursday.

The conference saw the announcement that Singer Bangladesh’s new manufacturing plant is ready to start production.

Built with $78 million from Arçelik, the new factory will create an estimated 4,000 employment opportunities and underscores the company’s commitment to local manufacturing, Singer Bangladesh said in a statement.

“Singer Bangladesh aims to reduce dependence on imports and foster a robust local supplier ecosystem by focusing on manufacturing over 90 percent of products locally,” it said.

Singer Bangladesh says it is also committed to bringing Koç Group and Arçelik’s global expertise and standards to Bangladesh and enhancing consumer experience, reaffirming its commitment to excellence.

“Singer Bangladesh has 118 years of history and is the pioneer in consumer durables industry in the country,” said Can Dinçer, chief commercial officer Türkiye and Southern Asia at Arçelik. “With a vision to make it the top brand in the country, we have been gradually transforming the business operation with some significant initiatives. The launch of 'Transform for Growth’ marks a pivotal moment in Singer Bangladesh's journey. The new concept store, new corporate office and our manufacturing plant investment are the strongest pillars of this transformation. We remain determined in our pursuit of innovation, customer satisfaction, and sustainable economic growth.”

The company opened its first concept store in Gulshan 1, allowing consumers to experience products firsthand before making purchases. The concept stores take inspiration from award-winning store designs in Istanbul, Dinçer noted.

“We are adapting the best practices of our retail and commercial transformation journey of Türkiye to Bangladesh, and I am honoured to accompany this new journey in Bangladesh. We target to increase the production capacity of Singer Bangladesh and position Bangladesh as a hub for the region in the medium and long term. We plan to export products from the factory to the countries in the region in the long term. We will continue investing in Singer Bangladesh in technology, our stores, and communications."

Singer Bangladesh Managing Director and CEO MHM Fairoz said that the company aims to keep customers at the core of its operations even as the economy grows and the lifestyle of customers change along with it.

“Singer Bangladesh is also transforming its operations to bring the most contemporary and global standards to the customers of Bangladesh.”