STALKER ON PROWLLife term for 2 for teacher's murder
Bagatipara upazila duo had killed Natore college lecturer after he raised voice against harassment of a student.
A school teacher has been fired from his job for sexually abusing a girl student.
A mobile court has jailed two people for sexually harassing a housewife.
Police have arrested a youth from Kulaura of the district on charge of violating a teenage girl.
STALKER ON PROWLFather beaten by road Romeos
Stalkers have beaten a father of two daughters for protesting their harassment.
The High Court has sent a coaching centre teacher accused of violating a student to custody.
STALKER ON PROWL Man killed for protesting wife's harassment
A youth has been killed for reportedly protesting his wife's sexual harassment. Updates
Barisal man held for girl's death
Police have arrested the Barisal Brajamohan College student who allegedly took undressed video footage of a female classmate and spread it on the campus prompting her to commit suicide.