Bangladesh Highway Police introduce body cams to boost transparency, efficiency

The unit has already introduced another app called 'Hello HP' to offer swift assistance in the event of accidents on the highways

Published : 13 Feb 2024, 09:42 AM
Updated : 13 Feb 2024, 09:42 AM

The Highway Police have adopted body-worn cameras as they take aim at modernising law enforcement on the nation’s main roads.

The move also aims to ensure transparency, accountability, and professionalism within the force.

It follows the launch of the 'Hello HP' app, designed to offer swift assistance in the event of accidents on the highways.

The app guarantees that a Highway Police unit will arrive at the scene within 20-25 minutes of being notified through the platform.

The unit currently oversees just 2,291 km of the country's 22,000 km highway network.

On Tuesday, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan unveiled the body-worn cameras at an event marking the start of Highway Police Service Week 2024.

The event underscores the Highway Police's commitment to raising awareness among highway users for safer travel.

Additional IGP of Highway Police Shahabuddin Khan emphasised the department's dedication to matching the standards of developed nations' highway systems by 2041 and their efforts to curb robbery, mugging, drug peddling, and road accidents.

The 'Hello HP' app not only facilitates rapid response to incidents but also helps prevent adverse situations, according to the force.

The body cameras will allow for central and regional monitoring of the Highway Police's operations, “enhancing the overall management and response capabilities”.

Travellers can also use the app's emergency button to request immediate assistance from the Highway Police.