Bangladesh mandates online payment of land mutation fees

Applicants are required pay a fee of Tk 1,100 to collect the duplicate carbon receipt, the land ministry said

Senior Correspondent
Published : 2 Oct 2022, 06:43 AM
Updated : 2 Oct 2022, 06:43 AM

In a bid to alleviate the hassle and hardships faced by applicants at the land office, the government has taken the registration process for mutation, or change of a property's title ownership in the Khatiyan (record of rights), online.

A fee of Tk 1,100 must be paid online for any correction to the record and the provision of the mutation ledger, according to the land ministry.

The e-mutation process was launched on Oct 1 and from Sunday, the first working day of the week, land offices will no longer accept payment for these services in cash, the ministry said in a public notice.

Taking into account the court fee of Tk 20, the notice issuance fee of Tk 50, the record correction fee of Tk 1,000 and the mutation ledger collection fee of Tk 100, the total cost of registration equates to Tk 1,170.

From now on, these fees have to be paid online using a mobile wallet or an internet banking service.

No fee will be charged for correcting any errors in the duplicate carbon receipt (DCR) or the Khatiyan.

Mutation of a property implies a change of ownership by way of a purchase, transfer or inheritance. Once the title passes, the property must be registered under the name of the new owner with the registrar of the land office.

However, If a registration application was not approved due to the applicant's failure to provide any necessary information or documents, and it is resubmitted in line with the requisite paperwork, a fee of Tk 1,100 will be charged for any record correction and provision of the Khatiyan, the ministry said.

A QR code-based online DCR should be collected promptly once the mutation or change in ownership is finalised in order to avoid any complications.