Football WC daubed across Dhaka walls
With the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 set to kick off on Nov 20, people around the globe are caught up in football fever and Bangladesh is no exception. Fans have painted graffiti on the walls of the off ...
Battery-powered risky rickshaws run rampant
Battery-run rickshaws cause accidents due to their uncontrolled speed on narrow roads in Dhaka. The number of these unauthorised modes of transport is on the rise, and the owners are using illegal pow ...
Dead trees standing
The trees on the streets of Dhaka are often trimmed for beautification or to keep power lines safe or to keep the road visible for motorists. It is a green network that breathes life into grey and bus ...
An open letter to Mayor Annis on clearing footpaths
Shakrain: Ganjam in the Skies
Restaurant review: A Restoran
Restaurant review: Experiencing Coentro
Small step towards a hygienic Eid in Dhaka
Toufique Imrose Khalidi
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