‘The Eras Tour’ movie gives every Taylor Swift fan a front-row seat to the career-defining concerts

Not everyone can attend or afford a Taylor Swift concert. But ‘The Eras Tour’ gives every fan a chance to join in

Samia Zahin
Published : 22 Nov 2023, 12:07 PM
Updated : 22 Nov 2023, 12:07 PM

Taylor Swift has come a long way. From the girl who wrote songs in her notebook and played guitar in her room, she has become an international icon of pop music.

The Eras Tour was a victory lap, a celebration of her reign at the top of the pop pyramid, an extravaganza. Call it what you want, it was a long story short version of a career, every step of which she shared with her fans.

For months, Taylor toured different countries, serenading them with her amazing vocals and gorgeous outfits. Us fans followed along diligently on Instagram. All the while, we dreamt of seeing her live one day and experiencing the same epiphany those fans had.   

For reasons of access and affordability, it wasn’t possible for every fan around the world to attend, of course. Those of us who live in smaller countries know the disappointment all too well. We had seen it before and we all knew it wouldn’t be the last time. Still, many of us who had loved and supported her for years couldn’t help feel left out.

That’s when Taylor announced a fearless decision – a concert film for The Eras Tour.

Everything has changed since the trailer dropped for the movie. Fans were thrilled to catch a glimpse of that spectacular event. We could enjoy her songs in a big, crowded hall alongside a sea of other fans singing and dancing along. It wasn’t too different from attending a live concert yourself. It felt surreal and I, for one, was entirely ready for it.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour charts the whole scope of Taylor’s rise and dominance in pop music over 17 years. From her enchanted start in country, to her chart-topping pop anthems, and the heart-wrenching ballads that moved us over the years. From songs that moved us to tears to tracks that pushed us to set aside our worldly troubles and shake it off.  

One of the reasons so many love Taylor is that, in addition to being a lyrical genius, she expresses her thoughts and feelings in a way that is sharp and relatable. People feel seen and heard through her music, making us feel connected. So many of us have grown up with her music.

Some of us have been with her for over a decade and a half, watching her grow as an artist as we ourselves transitioned from childhood to the awkward teenage years and then adulthood with all its many daily issues.

For a moment, I forgot to breathe when I stepped into the theatre and saw it bejeweled with Taylor Swift fans. Here we were – excited kids, eager teens, enthusiastic adults. And I could feel each of those stages of life in myself. All of whom had their own love story with Taylor’s music.

Watching the movie was a formative experience. Seeing Taylor in a new light, watching her professionalism and her dedication to performance - it was beyond my wildest dreams. Plus, dancing and singing alongside a massive crowd, everything just hits different.

The Eras Tour was Taylor’s chance to speak about her own musical journey. But it wasn’t an internal monologue. It was one that she shared with all her fans. For those of us devotees who stood with her all along the way, the release of the movie felt like karma. For a moment, she took her personal story and made it the story of us. What more could a fan ask for?

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