Journalists assaulted during clashes amid student protests in Dhaka

A group of helmeted youths carrying sharp weapons, sticks and iron rods have assaulted journalists covering the student protests for safe roads in Dhaka’s Dhanmondi.

Liton Haider Chief Crime
Published : 5 August 2018, 04:33 PM
Updated : 5 August 2018, 06:31 PM

The journalists came under the attack during clashes between the protesters and the police at Science Laboratory intersection, Dhanmondi-1 and Dhanmondi-2 on Sunday afternoon.

The police, who fired teargas towards the protesters, did nothing to protect the reporters.

The youths on motorcycles started reconnoitring the Dhanmondi areas on Sunday morning after Saturday’s protests ended in pitched battles between the protesters and pro-government activists at Jigatala, which were fuelled by rumours.

Leaders and activists of the ruling Awami League and its affiliates along with transporters also took position at Mirpur and some other areas in the capital after the government alleged meddling by the BNP and Jamaat-e-Islami in the student protests.

A group of protesters from the Dhaka University gathered at Shahbagh at noon.

Clashes ensued after the police stopped them marching towards Dhanmondi through Science Laboratory intersection later in the afternoon.   

The attackers of journalists entered the scene at Dhanmondi-2 around 1:30pm.

They forced a young man, who was taking images of the clashes on a footbridge at the Science Laboratory intersection, to come down by hurling stones.

The attackers snatched away his camera after beating him up severely.

They targeted the journalists, especially photojournalists, afterwards in the presence of the police personnel.

The attackers assaulted whoever was taking photos of or filming the clashes with cameras or mobile phones.

Associated Press photographer AM Ahad was caught at Dhanmondi-1.

The attackers beat him up with iron rods. He was treated at the Labaid Hospital with serious injuries. 


The journalists in the area then split – one group went towards Star Kabab and Restaurant while the other took position in front of Orchid Plaza.

An injured man being carried for medical attention during running battles between students demanding safe roads and a group of helmeted youths in Dhanmondi on Sunday.

Several journalists were injured as the attackers pelted brickbats in both directions.   
The journalists injured there include’s photographer Mahmud Zaman Ovi, Prothom Alo’s Ahmed Deepto, Samia Rahman of Channel-i, Palash Shikder of the Daily Bonik Barta, Abu Sufian of BD Morning and Ibnul Asaf Jawed of the Daily Janakantha.

They took treatment at the private Labaid and Popular hospitals.

The attackers chased away Bangla Tribune Senior Reporter Nuruzzaman Labu when he was trying to capture them on his mobile phone.

They also harassed a woman doctor and snatched away her mobile phone after she took their photos while passing by on a rickshaw.

The attackers launched another assault on the journalists in front of the Orchid Plaza later before moving away towards Dhanmondi-2.

Student protesters were also injured in the attacks.  

A police team led by Dhaka Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner Maruf Hossain Sarder came to the area later.

He said no-one complained about the attacks and he did not see any weapon during the attacks either.

The police were unable to take any action because they got confused when the helmeted youths entered the scene, he claimed.

He could not identify the attackers.

Some protesters have barred the media from taking pictures of and filming the demonstrations at Banani and Uttara.