The fear of bullying never goes away

The pain and trauma can continue to haunt victims long after they escape their bullies

Samiha Mehbub Hiya
Published : 31 March 2024, 11:47 AM
Updated : 31 March 2024, 11:47 AM

When I was younger, some kids would bully a friend of mine. They would call him fat, shamed him, and even taught children new to the class to avoid him. My friend complained to the teacher, but this only seemed to encourage the bullies.

The teacher repeatedly explained to them that what they were doing was wrong. But it only seemed to goad them. My friend suffered a lot. His mental condition deteriorated and he became depressed. He didn’t even want to come to school.

Now, my friend is grown up. He has adapted to the situation. His bullies don’t get the chance to pick on him. You could say that he is free from bullying. But, sometimes, his childhood memories float to the surface once again and he feels the pain as if it’s something new.

People tend to avoid the word ‘bullying’. Some people engage in this despicable act for their momentary entertainment. They enjoy the power they hold over others. Sometimes this even involves young kids.

But they still tend to avoid the word because they know how bad it can be. They try to downplay their actions and those of their friends because it scares them to think of the consequences.

Even victims are reluctant to admit they are being bullied. What if it only encourages the bullies?

Among children, bullying generally takes the form of either schoolyard bullying – the kind my friend suffered – or cyber bullying. While schoolyard bullying has long been common, online bullying is on the rise. A UNICEF poll found that more than a third of young people in 30 countries reported being a victim of online bullying.

Bullying can destroy a child’s peace of mind and even ruin their entire childhood. That sweetest of times in a person’s life can turn to a dark, painful memory.

Families have to take care. They should pay attention to their children, keeping an eye on what children are learning and the kinds of people they make friends with. You never know who can end up as a bully or a victim.

Reporter's name: Samiha Mehbub Hiya
Age: 16
District: Rangpur