Why does it rain in winter?
Ideally, the season should be windy and dry, but the Bangladesh Meteorological Department noticed a tropical depression developing across the Bay of Bengal recently.
My friend was only 15 when she married
I asked her whether she ever felt like studying again or going to school with everyone else.
Why we should be kind to animals
As an animal lover living in Bangladesh, I wish there were more shelters for stray dogs and other animals.
Is the winter bearable for everyone?
Who doesn't like the winter? Many people wait for the season all year. But have we considered whether winter is bearable for everyone?
The World Cup has brought the world to Qatar
The World Cup ground closest to my house is Stadium 974.
Will the Iran protests succeed in bringing change?
Throughout the first week of December of 2022, news shot through the web, touting the ultimate victory of the movement as Mohammad Javad Montazeri, allegedly pointed towards the abolishment of the Ira ...
What is toxic masculinity?
The toll toxic masculinity has on men’s mental health cannot be overstated.
‘Give us playgrounds. We want to play!’
Sometimes I think about children who live on the outskirts of Dhaka and outside the capital, and a feeling of deprivation washes over me.
Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher