The GPA-5 virus
The social and familial pressure on students to perform well on public exams can be overwhelming
The fear of bullying never goes away
The pain and trauma can continue to haunt victims long after they escape their bullies
Palestinian children are not safe, even in hospitals
A child is dying in the Gaza Strip every 10 minutes.
Child labour deprives children of their childhood
Child labourers live in the same world as you and I, but their reality and struggles differ entirely from ours.
Climate crisis: Is planting trees the only solution?
Books taught me that the widespread cutting of trees – known as deforestation – actively contributes to natural disasters and directly puts human lives at risk
Save water bodies for a sustainable future
These rivers are not just waterways; they are the lifeblood of countless communities, providing livelihoods to fishermen from dawn to dusk
Over 1600 children die everyday due to unintentional injuries
These injuries are easily preventable if parents take adequate precautions to childproof their homes
Child labour: What role do parents play?
Despite the government amending existing laws, financial desperation still drives many children to work hazardous jobs