Why we should be kind to animals

As an animal lover living in Bangladesh, I wish there were more shelters for stray dogs and other animals.

Sarah Almas PrithibiSarah Almas Prithibi
Published : 19 Dec 2022, 08:46 AM
Updated : 19 Dec 2022, 08:46 AM

What do we mean by the word kindness? - An act that shows generosity to other creatures. Yes, I am saying creatures because I believe we should not only be generous towards other people, but also towards animals.

People often mistreat animals. They even harm animals intentionally, beating them, kicking them, drowning them, poisoning them, stabbing them, and shooting them. Some people even abandon their pets on the streets when they get sick without considering how those animals would survive on their own.

Humans cut down forests where animals live and capture animals to keep them in zoos. Then they welcome other people to visit these trapped animals for their entertainment. Removed from their natural habitat, animals in zoos are forced to lead lives that can be both stressful and monotonous. They are confined to small, restrictive environments that deprive them of mental and physical stimulation.

We must ask - is this treatment suitable for animals? Does it not exhaust them or make them sad? Do they wait year after year, expecting to receive bail like their human counterparts, waiting for the day they are freed?

Our own country, Bangladesh, has a history of killing dogs to eradicate rabies and reduce dog populations in communities. City corporations do not take any initiative to care for these animals but instead kill them.

As an animal lover living in Bangladesh, I wish there were more shelters for stray dogs and other animals. Shelters like Obhoyaronno, Robin Hood, and the Animal Rescuer Headquarters are doing good work in this sector. Most of their focus is on neglected stray dogs. Some shelters, however, do not look after dogs.

Nowadays, I see more animal lovers, which makes me happy, but I firmly believe that people need a more significant change of mentality. People should always show affection and kindness towards animals.

I have three dogs. At one time, I had as many as six. Amongst them, there was one whom I named 'Moon.' She was so kind to me. Sometimes, when I had no one to play with, Moon would play hide and seek with me. She is no longer with us, but I still consider her my closest companion. Like Moon, the three dogs we have now rush to help us in whatever way they can, especially when a family member is in distress. Dogs cannot talk, but they will still find a way to win your heart by being there for you and loving you unconditionally.