9-year-old Aminul would rather earn money than go to school

After the death of his father, Aminul is helping his family earn by begging and selling flowers at Rangpur’s Chikli

Samiha Mehbub Hiya
Published : 9 April 2023, 06:37 AM
Updated : 9 April 2023, 06:37 AM

Aminul Tufan is 9 years old.

Instead of going to school, he sells flowers in front of Rangpur’s Chikli canal.

Sometimes, he begs for money.

When Hello asked him why he was hawking flowers instead of going to school, he said:

“My father, Delwar, passed away. My mother, Rehana, sells dried fish to provide for our family. I live at the station with my mother and elder sister.”

“I ran away from school. I don’t like going. Instead, I sit in front of Chikli and sell flowers with my elder sister. Sometimes I beg people for money. They can give us some if they want.”

Samiha Mehbub Hiya | 15