Hasina directs secretaries to align plans with Awami League’s election manifesto

The manifesto will be the key guideline for governing for the next five years, says the prime minister

Senior Correspondentbdnews24.com
Published : 5 Feb 2024, 06:48 PM
Updated : 5 Feb 2024, 06:48 PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has directed government secretaries to create a five-year action plan that resonates with the Awami League's electoral manifesto.

Hasina gave the directives at a meeting at her office in Dhaka a month after securing a record-extending fourth term -- her fifth in total -- in the general election and forming the new government.

Sixteen secretaries spoke at the meeting, where the prime minister gave out instructions.

Cabinet Secretary Mahbub Hossain, briefing reporters at the Secretariat after the meeting on Monday, said the prime minister appreciated the work of the ministries, secretaries, and public administration in the Jan 7 polls.

He quoted Hasina as saying that the election contributed significantly to advancing Bangladesh's democratic journey.

She stressed the importance of secretaries operating with confidence, self-respect, and dedication.

Hasina underscored the consistency of the election manifestos from 1996 through 2024, aiming to transform Bangladesh into a 'smart' and prosperous nation by 2041.

The prime minister emphasised implementing the manifesto as the government's guiding principle for the next five years, he said.

According to the cabinet secretary, the election manifesto, comprising 11 priority areas and over 300 commitments, will be detailed with specific responsibilities assigned to various ministries.

Hossain noted that all administrative processes, including annual performance agreements, are to be efficiently coordinated to ensure effective implementation and oversight of the manifesto's objectives.