Akheri Munajat

Akheri Munajat closes out Bishwa Ijtema’s 2nd phase
The second phase of the Bishwa Ijtema on the banks of the Turag River in Tongi has come to a close with prayers for unity, peace, and the welfare of all. Maulana Yusuf bin Saad, the eldest son of reno ...
First phase of Bishwa Ijtema ends
The Akheri Munajat prayer service has brought the first phase of the Bishwa Ijtema, one of the largest gatherings of Muslims in the world, to a close. Hundreds of thousands of devotees took part in th ...
Akheri Munajat
The first phase of this year's Bishwa Ijtema ends with the Akheri Munajat (final prayers) seeking world peace on Sunday.