Asian Group chairman running for weavers’ group Tanti League president

Asian Group Chairman Harun-Ur-Rasheed has announced that he will run for the president's post of ruling Awami League's affiliate of handloom weavers, Bangladesh Tanti League.

Published : 14 March 2017, 03:35 PM
Updated : 14 March 2017, 03:35 PM

The group owns Asian TV and Asian Radio stations.

Harun bolstered his activities when the organisation took steps to hold its council after over a decade.

Moreover, he has also announced a panel to get the Tanti League leadership after organising various programmes, which the party insiders find unusual.

Tanti League Convenor Enajur Rahman told, "Announcing panel for leadership is unprecedented in the Awami League. I haven't seen it also in Tanti League."

The panel was announced at a press conference on Tuesday ahead of the Mar 19 council of Tanti League.

Usually, the Awami League and its affiliates propose new leaders at councils and pick the new leadership by judging support.

Mosharraf Hossain, the general secretary of pro-AL cultural activists' organisation Awami Sagnskritik Jote, is the general secretary candidate of Tanti League from Harun's panel.

He told the press conference: "We have announced the panel to inspire the leaders and activists."

Some leaders of Tanti League were also present at the conference organised under the banner of Tanti League Coordination Council.

Tanti League president candidate Harun has no post in the current committee of Tanti League.

His Asian Group of Industries has 11 firms, including Asian Textile, Asian Fabrics and Asian Yarn Dyeing. 

Some Awami League affiliates of people from particular professions have people from outside the professions as leaders; an issue criticised even by the party's General Secretary Obaidul Quader.

At a rally of Krishak League, the Awami League's front of farmers, on Saturday, he regretted that those who are not handloom weavers, farmers or workers are in Tanti League, Krishak League and Shramik League.

Tanti League Convenor Enajur said Harun and Mosharraf are not in the current committee of the organisation, but they are listed as general members of the organisations.

"They were not seen in Tanti League programmes beforehand. They are participating recently," he said.

Enajur has been involved with Tanti League since its formation in 1965. It was formed with the name 'East Pakistan Tanti Samiti' first, then renamed 'Bangladesh Tanti Samiti' after independence, and finally became Bangladesh Tanti League in 2003.

A convening committee of 16, formed in its council on Aug 7, 2004, is leading the organisation now.