Bangladesh man marries two women at once, goes viral on social media

A Panchagarh youth's marriage to two women at the same time has made waves on social media.

Published : 22 April 2022, 03:16 PM
Updated : 22 April 2022, 03:16 PM

The groom, 25-year-old Rohini Chandra Barman Rony, a resident of Atwari Upazila, simultaneously tied the knot with Mamata Rani, 18, and Eti Rani, 20, on Wednesday.

The wedding triggered a torrent of discussion on social media. Locals crowded the bridegroom’s house to see his new brides.

The brides, Mamata and Eti, were busy with household chores on Friday. Their mother-in-law said they are happy after getting Rohini as their husband.

Rohini was not at home at the time and declined to comment on his marriages when contacted by phone.

“Rohini and Eti were in a relationship for a long time. They married each other at a temple several months ago but they kept it a secret,” said Balarampur Union council member Khairul Islam.

Meanwhile, Rohini was having an affair with Mamata. He went to meet Mamata on Apr 12 and the two were discovered together by Mamata’s family.

Rohini was held captive at Mamata’s house. On Apr 13, Mamata’s family arranged their marriage. Rohini returned to his home after the wedding without Mamata.

On hearing the news, Eti immediately moved to Rohini’s house and demanded she be recognised as Rohini’s wife. Eti was joined by Mamata afterwards.

Family members of the three arranged another wedding and a local Hindu priest officiated it at Rohini’s place.

“We're not aware of their previous marriage. That’s why we had another wedding. We've no objection and received both of them as my son’s brides,” Rohini’s father Jamini Chandra Barman said.

Balarampur Union Council Chairman Delwar Hossain said he was not concerned over the marriages as no one has filed any complaint against them.