50,000 women expecting in Gaza, 5,000 scheduled to give birth in November
With transportation routes obstructed by rubble, women are compelled to give birth in unsanitary conditions within their homes or shelters.
Gaza women resort to period-delaying pills amid ongoing crisis
Amidst the paucity of sanitary napkins, tampons, access to clean water and hygienic sanitation facilities, women are compelled to resort to pharmaceutical means to postpone their menstrual cycles.
Cyclone Hamoon leaves long trail of destruction in Cox’s Bazaar
About 38,000 houses have been destroyed and 500,000 people affected by the rampage of Cyclone Hamoon through Cox’s Bazaar.
Fourteen-year-old makes historic invention to treat skin cancer
“Curing cancer, one bar of soap at a time.”
From homemaker to entrepreneur: Hafiza reaps dragon fruit rewards
2023 has been a banner year for Hafiza as she has sold dragon fruits and saplings worth Tk 500,000
Kurigram’s Zisha wants to be a sensei like her father
She is the first girl in the district to have achieved a Black Belt for karate
Nusrat Jahan Samantha wants to play for the national team
She has already played in the National Cricket League, Dhaka Premier League and the Dhaka First Division League
Parveen Akhter, a self-made entrepreneur, provides driving lessons to women in Rangpur
At a time when employees are being furloughed throughout the world, and people living in rural and urban areas are struggling to make ends meet due to the consistent price hike of daily commodities, P ...