TV actress Humaira Himu dies in mysterious circumstances

Doctors spotted a mark on her neck and police assume that she died by suicide

Published : 2 Nov 2023, 06:18 PM
Updated : 2 Nov 2023, 06:18 PM

Renowned TV actress Humaira Himu has died but the cause of her death was not clear, according to Ahsan Habib Nasim, president of Drama Actors’ Association.

Nasim confirmed the news of her death on Thursday evening, saying: “The man who brought her to the hospital left her there and fled. Police are looking for him. I don’t have the details now.”

Azizur Rahman, chief of Uttara (west) Police Station, said Humaira used to live in her own flat at Road No. 2 of Uttara Sector No. 10.

“From what we know, she died by suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling fan at her apartment,” he said.

Someone from her home brought her to Uttara’s Bangladesh Medical College Hospital, where doctors declared her dead.

The cause of her death will be clear after an autopsy, OC Azizur said.

A statement from the Drama Actors’ Association said that a friend of Humaira and “Mihir” took her to the hospital.

The doctors called up police after spotting a mark on her neck and the “friend” left the hospital after hearing that police were on their way, it added.