Apu desperate to save marriage with co-star Shakib for their son

Actress Apu Biswas says she will fight to the end to save her marriage with co-star Shakib Khan for the sake of her son Abraham Khan Joy.

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Published : 7 Dec 2017, 03:23 PM
Updated : 7 Dec 2017, 03:33 PM

“I reject the letter. I want my husband, my family. I will try my best to negotiate rather than seek legal help,” the actress told Glitz on Thursday. A day earlier, lawyer Sheikh Sirajul Islam confirmed to reporters that his client Shakib had served a divorce letter on Apu on Nov 22.

In the letter, Shakib alleged Apu “went abroad with her boyfriend”, leaving her 14-month-old son locked at home with a house help.

During her interview with Glitz, Apu dismissed the claim of having a boyfriend and said she had gone to Shiliguri.

“The allegation that I left Abraham locked at home with a house help is absurd. Can a mother do that to her child?” asked Apu.

When asked if she would like to “compromise” despite the complaints raised by Shakib, the Dhaliwood star said: “I will do it for Joy. I still love Shakib. But I refuse to get divorced only because I do not want Joy to grow up in a broken family.”

Apu called for Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s intervention in the matter.

“It is no longer a family matter. We are being discussed at public gatherings. People do get inspired by stars. I am facing injustice despite being a familiar face. Think about other ordinary women. So I want our caring leader to stand by these women.”

Apu called on journalists not to crowd her house every now and then.

“Divorce is a sensitive issue for women. Please do not crowd outside my house. People get disturbed. I live here with a child.

“Call me up instead. Wait if I do not answer. I am not going anywhere,” added the actress.

The divorce between Apu and Shakib will go into effect after 90 days of issuance of the letter, which is Feb 22. Shakib can reverse his decision in the meantime, his lawyer has said.

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