20 pharmacos going out of business for making adulterated, low-quality drugs

The government is revoking licences of 20 pharmaceutical companies for producing adulterated and low-quality medicine. 

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Published : 21 April 2016, 05:01 PM
Updated : 21 April 2016, 05:58 PM

Health Minister Mohammed Nasim has ordered the Directorate General of Drug Administration (DGDA) to cancel the licences following recommendations by the parliamentary standing committee on the ministry.
The parliamentary panel made the recommendation on Wednesday reviewing a report by a committee that investigated the drug makers, a media release said on Thursday.
Professor ABM Faruq of the Dhaka University’s Department of Pharmaceutical Technology led the investigation.

Some of the companies that the government found were manufacturing adulterated or sub-standard drugs are Exim Pharmaceutical, Avert Pharma, Bikalpa Pharmaceutical, Dolphin Pharmaceuticals, Drugland, Globe Laboratories, Jalpa Laboratories and Kafina Pharmaceuticals.

The others are Medico Pharmaceutical, National Drug, North Bengal Pharmaceutical, Rimo Chemical, Rid Pharmaceutical, Skylab Pharmaceutical, Spark Pharmaceutical, Star Pharmaceutical, Sunipun Pharmaceutical, Today Pharmaceutical, Tropical Pharmaceutical, and Universal Pharmaceutical.

Besides those, the parliamentary panel recommended that licences of 14 companies to manufacture antibiotics (penicillin, non-penicillin and cephalosporin groups) be revoked and permission of 22 companies to produce medicine of penicillin and cephalosporin groups be suspended.

The health minister ordered the directorate in a meeting on Thursday to provisionally accept the recommendations and implement them on review, the media release said.

State Minister for Health Zahid Maleque, Health Secretary Syed Monjurul Islam, Directorate General of Health Services DG Deen Muhammad Nurul Haque, and DGDA DG Maj Gen Mostafizur Rahman, among others, were present there.

Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher