WIKILEAKS EXPOSÉK M Hasan picked advisors before selection
Tipped to head the caretaker government, Justice K M Hasan had begun recruiting advisors even before his scheduled date of appointment.
WIKILEAKS EXPOSEYunus wanted Khaleda, Hasina exiled
The Nobel laureate jokingly suggested in April of 2007 that the two leading ladies "maybe sent to work for the UN?"
Ashraf wary of WikiLeaks files
AL spokesman dismisses charges that they are trying to split BNP by making up stories.
BNP terms US cables a 'conspiracy'
The acting secretary-general of the largest opposition questions the 'authenticity' of the cables Full story
One of the cables sent by the American embassy in Dhaka throws some interesting light on 'inner, middle and outer circles' during Khaleda Zia's 2001-06 reign.
Former principal secretary at PMO Kamaluddin Siddiqui suspected that Harris Chowdhury had ties with the assassination of Shah A M S Kibria.
Prothom Alo 'pro-American'
A US diplomat in Dhaka in 2009 labelled Bengali daily Prothom Alo "a generally neutral and pro-US vernacular daily".
WIKILEAKS EXPOSÉ: BangladeshInt'l help for military solution was sought
The civil society and others wanted international community to intervene to bring in the army in 2007, says a leaked US embassy cable