Global climate deal hope bleak
The prospect of striking a global deal and a legally-binding agreement on carbon emission controls had never looked as bleak as it does on the last day of the Conference of Parties (COP17) meet in Dur ...
Durban summit drawing a blank!
UN secretary-general urges members states not to wait for a legally binding agreement and instead, go back and initiate take own strategies to reduce their greenhouse gases.
Culling emissions must for survival: IEA
The global energy agency warns the present emission levels would make planet uninhabitable, Sayed Talat Kamal writes from Durban
Cities could lead out of carbon path
Research shows low carbon is more profitable and makes more sense for cities to invest accordingly
Libya to 'fan' the planet cool
North African nation has found solution to global warming by creating enough wind to cool the planet, says scientist at Durban meet
Carbon tax takes centre stage
A portion of the funds collected through these taxes could form part of the Green Climate Fund, reports Sayed Talat Kamal from Durban
Durban finds hurdles steep
Durban was supposed to be the last-ditch attempt for a global climate deal, but it seems stacked with its own share of problems, writes Sayed Talat Kamal from South Africa
The junior minister for environment calls upon the developed nations to take necessary steps sooner than later