War crimes prosecutor Rana Dasgupta calls for united stand against anti-liberation forces

War crimes prosecutor Rana Dasgupta has warned of "disastrous consequences" if the pro-liberation forces fail to take a united stand against the Islamists groups that have caused a stir by openly railing against the construction of a statue of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

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Published : 7 Dec 2020, 06:20 PM
Updated : 7 Dec 2020, 06:21 PM

He fired the warning during a human-chain protest organised by civil society and cultural groups in Chattogram on Monday.

“In 1971, the collaborators with the occupation forces were officially defeated. But the politics of this defeated power has not been eradicated in independent Bangladesh. They have been eager to avenge the defeat with political chicanery for 50 long years," said Rana.

"Today, in the golden jubilee year of our independence, they have shown the audacity to do this [oppose Bangabandhu's statue]. Through their involvement in the state and politics, they are taking communalism and fundamentalism to the grassroots. The Bengali nation can in no way accept the audacity shown in relation to the sculpture of Bangabandhu.”

Rana, also the general secretary of the Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Unity Council, went on to highlight the instances of communal terrorism in Ramu and Cumilla, in 1991-92 and 2001-06, respectively.

“Since independence until today, the disunity of the pro-liberation forces has given them strength. Let us stand united by the spirit of the Liberation War and fight like we did for our independence in 1971. If we fail to take a stand then disaster is inevitable. ”

Abul Momen called for an end to the indulgence of fundamentalist groups by 'certain sections of the government' and said, "We think this is enough. This time we must immediately stand against anti-religious forces and those who peddle religion. The state must take action. We have to ban their politics in Bangladesh.”

Freedom fighter Nurul Abshar believes the anti-communal forces are now 'out of control' due to the support they have received until now as he called for immediate action against them. "We can't handle them today. They have shown the audacity to break the sculpture of Bangabandhu. I demand immediate action against these defeated anti-liberation forces.”