Govt issues guidelines on social media use for teachers

The government has issued a new set of guidelines for teachers on the use of social media platforms.

Published : 9 Oct 2020, 06:58 AM
Updated : 9 Oct 2020, 06:58 AM

The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education sent the six-point directive to the principals of all government colleges across the country on Thursday.

Social media plays an important role in creating a modern state, according to the notice. It is used for providing lessons, drafting and implementing education policies -- all of which are vital to the country's progress.

As per the guidelines, teachers must refrain from uploading, sharing, commenting or interacting with posts, photos, videos or audio clips that "tarnish the image of the government or the state". Also, they must ensure that institutions or services of national importance are not demeaned in any of their posts to social media.

They must also refrain from posting any information or data that is against the spirit of national unity. No data, information that hurts the religious sentiments of any religious community or against secularism should be posted. Posts that hamper the communal harmony or disrupt law and order should not be uploaded, commented on, liked or shared.

Heads of the organisations can take immediate action against those defying the guidelines on social media use and, if necessary, can inform the directorate through the regional office with evidence of the violation after a probe.

The Cabinet Division has also issued guidelines to regulate the conduct of government employees on social media platforms.

Also, the Ministry of Public Administration issued a circular asking government officials to refrain from uploading, sharing and commenting on any post carrying derogatory remarks about people of national significance.

The government will take legal action against those who defy the ministry’s directives and ‘misuse’ their social media platform or post ‘harmful content’, it said.