Nusrat murder mastermind Siraj's cheers turn to tears in court

Principal SM Siraj-ud-Doula, the sex abuser of Nusrat Jahan Rafi and mastermind of the subsequent fatal arson attack on the madrasa student, appeared happy when he was taken to court, but after the death sentence, he returned to jail wailing.      

Nazmul Haque Shamim Feni
Published : 24 Oct 2019, 03:12 PM
Updated : 24 Oct 2019, 03:12 PM

Some of the 15 other convicts and their relatives were also seen crying after all 16 received death penalty from a Feni tribunal on Thursday.

They hurled abuse at Nusrat’s family and expressed anger at Feni Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal Judge Mamunur Rashid.

Some of the defence lawyers were dissatisfied and alleged injustice.

When police were escorting the convicts to a prison van from the courtroom after the verdict was delivered, convict Shakhawat Hossain Jabed’s mother Laily Akter was wailing, alleging that her son had been framed.

“O my son…They are snatching you away from me…You haven’t done anything wrong. How shall I save you? Allah will try those who have framed you,” she declared.

Jabed, wearing a burqa to hide his identity, poured kerosene on Nusrat from a polythene bag to set fire to her after she was tied up on the rooftop of the madrasa in Sonagazi on Apr 6.

He then got down and walked to the hall for Alim exams, equivalent to HSC.

Nusrat could not complete the tests because of the attack and died five days later.

The 16 Nusrat Jahan Rafi murder convicts being escorted to jail from the court in Feni after they were sentenced to death on Thursday.

Relatives were trying to reach out to the convicts through the window grills of the prison van and some ran behind it.

Fariduddin Khan Nayan, the lawyer for Siraj, was not seen on the court premises.

Convict Imran Hossain Mamun’s sister Rina Akter claimed Nusrat had died by suicide.

“No-one killed her. My brother is innocent. Mamun is a victim of state conspiracy,” Rina claimed.

Mamun was on guard beside the main entrance of the madrasa during the grisly crime.

Convict Kamrun Nahar Moni had her one month and four days old girl with her when she was taken to court.

The baby was seen with policewomen after the verdict.

Moni became angry when journalists tried to take their photo.

She gave birth to the child in jail on Sept 21.

A distant relative of another convict Shahadat Hossain Shamim, she had bought a burqa and a pair of gloves for Tk 2,000. She is accused of taking part in the murder directly. Moni pushed Nusrat and pinned her down to the floor. She sat the Alim exam after Nusrat was torched.