Crackdown on corruption will continue, says Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has vowed to continue the government's crackdown on corruption and said the country would have progressed further without the irregularities.

Reazul Bashar from New
Published : 29 Sept 2019, 07:17 AM
Updated : 29 Sept 2019, 07:17 AM

Speaking at a reception organised by USA Awami League in New York on Saturday, the prime minister warned that those who have engaged in corrupt practices will be brought to book regardless of party affiliation.

“I want to make it clear that anyone involved in dishonesty, corruption and irregularities, no matter which party they belong to, will not be spared. Our fight against them will continue,” she said.

“We are initiating a wide range of development projects. Bangladesh would have developed further if every penny was spent in the right way,” said Hasina.

Efforts will be initiated to address the loopholes and deficiencies that are being used to hamper development work, she added.

The Awami League chief removed two top leaders of Bangladesh Chhatra League, the party's student wing earlier this month, amid allegations of extortion. She also expressed her indignation over the Jubo League leaders’ involvement in illegal activities which prompted the law-enforcing agencies into action.

On Sept 18, the law enforcement began raided different clubs and bars in Dhaka and uncovered illegal casino operations run by leaders of the ruling party's associate organisations. Some of those leaders have been arrested with the government asking for their bank details. It has issued travel bans on them.

“Illegally acquired wealth cripples the society and makes it difficult for those making an honest living to tread the right path,” Hasina said.

“This is because an honest person has certain limitations while those earning in dishonest ways can show off their branded goods. But their children are innocent and cannot differentiate between honesty and dishonesty. They will ask why they can't have all the things that their friends have. This will eventually push principled people towards dishonesty.”

The government has taken stringent measures against corruption to purge the malady from society, said the prime minister.

“I have asked to monitor the earnings and lifestyle of everyone.”

The prime minister also highlighted her government’s firm stance against drugs, terrorism and violent extremism.

The government  will continue its drive against drugs, she said. “Drugs destroy families as well as the nation. We need to find out who are involved in this issue. We want to provide a better life to the people of Bangladesh by eliminating drugs, terrorism and violent extremism.”

Hasina reminded that terrorism and violent extremism are not the problem of Bangladesh only but a global threat.

She also highlighted the salary increment for government officials and said that the country needs a peaceful environment for its development. 

“People’s power is the greatest power and the Awami League believes in it. The people trust the Awami League as the country develops and the people have a better life when the party comes to power.”

Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher