Bangladeshi loses fingernails in alleged torture by India’s BSF

A young Bangladeshi has lost his fingernails in what he says torture by India’s Border Security Force or BSF.

Published : 27 April 2019, 07:12 PM
Updated : 27 April 2019, 07:12 PM

Border Guard Bangladesh found him in an unconscious state along the Sapahar border near the Punarbhaba River on Saturday.

The man, Azim Uddin, 20, of Dakshin Patarhi village was admitted to the Sapahar Upazila Health Complex, BGB 16 Battalion commander Lt Col Tuhin Mohammad Masud said.

Azim’s family and locals said he crossed the border into India with smugglers who hired him for driving cattle into Bangladesh on Friday.

BSF personnel chased them and caught Azim while the others fled.

“They beat me up severely and pulled off fingernails of my both hands using pliers. I became unconscious at one stage of the torture,” Azim said.