Home minister asks for evidence of MP Badi’s ‘drug trafficking link’

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal has asked journalists to present evidence to back allegations that MP Abdur Rahman Badi is involved in drug trafficking.

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Published : 22 May 2018, 02:05 PM
Updated : 22 May 2018, 02:26 PM

The minister invited information on the ruling Awami League MP from Cox’s Bazar when reporters on Tuesday asked for Kamal’s comments on Badi in relation to his remarks that the government was not sparing anyone involved in drugs trade.

The law enforcers have strengthened anti-drug operations, with at least 26 deaths of suspects in alleged shootouts in past four days, following Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s announcement of a ‘war on drugs’.

Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal. File Photo

Human-rights groups have questioned the way the operations are being conducted and described the deaths as ‘extrajudicial killings’.
The BNP has alleged the law enforcers were sparing ruling party people during the drives.

Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir dared the government on Monday to catch its ‘own people involved in drug trafficking’, noting Badi’s alleged involvement in smuggling yaba pills from Myanmar.

When journalists raised the issue during a conversation with the home minister at the Secretariat in Dhaka, he said, “We are working on the basis of information and proof.

“Our message is very clear. No one will be spared. Our prime minister has clearly instructed us to show no leniency, no matter if the suspect is an MP, government official, member of the security forces or journalist,” he said.

Asked what action they were taking against Badi, the minister reiterated, “We are not sparing anyone.”

“You’ve seen that an honourable MP (Amanur Rahman Khan Rana, charged with murder) is in jail for years and he has not been able to secure bail,” he said.

“And the person (Badi) who you named today, he also went to jail once. We are trying to gather information about him. Please give us information if you have any,” he added.

Abdur Rahman Badi

Badi, who represents Cox’s Bazar-4 seat of Teknaf and Ukhia in parliament, was named in a government agency report for allegedly aiding drug trafficking. He, however, denies the allegation.

When journalists recalled the intelligence report of 2014-15, Home Minister Kamal said, “I am assuring you that we are not sparing anyone, no matter if he is Badi or someone else. We are arresting everyone if we get proof.”

“We are not knocking anyone before getting the evidence,” he said.

Journalists then asked whether there was no proof of Badi’s involvement in drug trafficking, to which the minister said, “Please give us anything you have, if any, on Badi or anyone else.”

The Department of Narcotics Control under the home ministry said in a report in 2014 that Badi is controlling the principal point of entry through the border for the illegal club-drug yaba, and many others work under him in the illegal trade.

The home minister had said later Badi’s links with yaba smuggling had not been proved.

On Tuesday, he blamed Myanmar’s non-cooperation for the expansion of yaba trading.

“Myanmar says it will cooperate, but in reality it does not,” Kamal said.”

Toufique Imrose Khalidi
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher