Eid style guide: Local designs shine with mix of modernity and tradition

Brand owners and designers are emphasising modernity and minimalism to appeal to younger consumers. Theme-based clothing is also trending

Rifat Parveenbdnews24.com
Published : 21 March 2024, 08:35 AM
Updated : 21 March 2024, 08:35 AM

Tamanna Afreen excitedly browses through local fashion outlets for her Eid outfit amidst the bustling crowds, her energy undiminished by the throng.

Drawn to the sarees and salwar kameezes by local brands, she felt these choices would make her Eid day special. A Dhaka University student, Tamanna believes that while Indian and other foreign clothes might be momentarily fashionable, local brands offered timeless elegance.

“I've been shopping for Eid from local brands for quite a while. I admire our designers' creativity. Fast-fashion items don't last, but local designs are crafted for longevity. I’m all for modern designs and unique themes in Eid fashion,” she said.

Banker Jui Akter also prefers local brands for Eid shopping for herself and her family, seeking out sarees, dresses, Punjabis, and children's wear all from Bangladeshi labels.

She noted that her family appreciates the comfort and style of locally made clothing.

“There are many great local brands alongside Aarong now. They design with the consumers' preferences in mind, offering both traditional and Western attire,” Jui said.

Fashion houses across Dhanmondi, Mohammadpur, and Bashundhara City Shopping Mall were bustling with customers exploring their Eid collections, featuring contemporary and unique designs.

Designers and brand owners emphasised their focus on modernity and minimalism, particularly appealing to the youth, with this Eid's collections being theme-based.

Aarong, true to form, introduced regular and exclusive lines for Eid, showcasing sarees, salwar kameezes, and Punjabis in luxurious local fabrics like silk and muslin, with hand-embroidered pieces as highlights.

Women's salwar kameezes featured layering for a modern twist, with a diverse color palette extending beyond traditional hues to include ocean blue, purple, turquoise, magenta, lavender, teal, plum, mint green, dusty pink, ivory, olive, peacock blue, peach, and other pastel shades.

Men's Punjabis were designed with light shades and age-appropriate styles, emphasising modernity and minimalism. Some featured monochromatic gradients.

Rong Bangladesh introduced "classical four elements" as their theme for this Eid, with designs embodying the diversity and forms of earth, fire, water, and air, while incorporating Bangladeshi cultural motifs and aligning with international trends.

Considering the expected warm weather on Eid, fashion houses opted for lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton, jacquard cotton, linen, half-silk, georgette, and viscose for their Eid collections.

[Writing in English Sabrina Karim Murshed; editing by Turaj Ahmad]